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Some motorists may have a hard time understanding why they are cut off or crowded by a big rig.

Having electronic log books instead of written records is changing the way some truckers perform their jobs.

As the roads are cleared of debris and tree limbs after Hurricane Irene, many truckers and fleet management owners have the important task of making sure the highways and streets are safe for all motorists and that residents have the supplies they need.

Not only can cautious truck drivers ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others while on the road, as their efforts may also be recognized through awards and honors in the trucking industry.

Some areas of Boston, Massachusetts, are difficult to navigate, due to the outlay of the city being designed in colonial times for horses and pedestrians.

As hurricane season arrives in full swing, those involved in the trucking industry are preparing for the uncertain driving conditions that may occur during big storms.

Truckers, who are often tasked with handling hazardous conditions along the nation's highways, take on the important responsibility of keeping themselves and other motorists protected.

Truck driving by nature is a mostly sedentary job, so drivers need to be extra aware of trucker health and wellness while on the job.

As technology continues to renovate the trucking industry, companies are investing in some of these new gadgets and designs that will better their business and sometimes improve trucking safety standards as well.

Truckers who haul potentially dangerous materials have to be extra cautious while navigating the nation's highways. Even those who undergo recurrent hazmat training still can fall risk to precarious situations.

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