Online Driver Safety Training and Online Driver Management

A bunch of driver management tools- all in one piece of software.

Hiring, training, and managing drivers is a full-time job. Sometimes, even each individual aspect of working with drivers can be challenging and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if an innovative system existed that took everything and rolled it into one easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solution?

Your Source of Sanity

Safety as a Service is that innovative driver management solution. In one affordable yearly subscription, you gain access to a multitude of powerful, effective tools and training courses. Your subscription includes:

  • Driver Management Tools
  • Driver Safety Training
  • Driver Recruiting Tools
  • Driver Compliance Tools

Each section of this 4-part system is packed with valuable, practical, technologically advanced material and tools. It’s your one-stop solution for anything and everything that affects the drivers in your business.

Driver Management

Managing drivers takes a lot of time and resources when done the old-fashioned way. Safety as a Service’s Driver Management takes all of your tasks and streamlines them into one all-inclusive interface

The management interface includes a list of all drivers and their data. Perform tasks related to individual drivers and make important notes you need to remember.

You Get Unlimited Access to the Following

Gary's Job Board: Post a job. It's included with a Safety as a Service subscription (no extra charge). Gary's Job Board is owned and operated by Safety as a Service. Truck Drivers are our specialty.

Full blown automated driver recruiting tools: Applicant Tracking System- invite drivers, receive a complete application online, post an app on your website.

Train Drivers: Assign your driver new-hire orientation and continuing education , defensive driving classes.

Document that Driver: You hired that driver, now document it. Might as well start out right. Enter the driver's vitals and upload the documentation.

Your annual subscription includes UNLIMITED quantities of:

  • Job Advertisments: Post your commercial driving jobs to our advertising netowrk.
  • Cloud Recruiting: Search our driver database after posting your jobs. See you how many drivers match your job
  • Invite all matching drivers to apply.
  • Electronic Applications: The driver will push his fully, compliant application to your portal.
  • Applicant Tracking System: Review the driver's app and annontate it.
  • Hire Applicants: Hiring a driver requires one click of your mouse.
  • Document your driver: Enter your new driver's vitals, upload the hard copies and you have the makings of a Driver Qualification File.
  • Train your driver: Assign the new driver orientaton classes and set up their recurring training.
  • Now you're compliant
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