Safety as a Service


How do you hire more CDL drivers?

How do you attract more drivers? A convenient way for drivers to apply is a good start. The online driver application is a recruiting tool and a compliance tool rolled into one.

You advertise for drivers in newspapers, on craigslist, and your own website. Advertising attracts drivers.

What's next? You earned a driver's attention. You need an easy way for the driver to send his information to be evaluated and processed. Our online driver application makes it convenient for you and the driver.

  • Is it convenient (for the driver) if you ask them to Apply in Person? No.
  • Is it convenient (for you) to place your phone number on craigslist? No.

FedEx, UPS and YRC have an APPLY NOW button on their websites. It's safe to say that your company is not as big as FED EX. But, you can recruit the same way.

Online Driver Applications are included in a Safety as a Service subscription- no extra charge. You'll have FMCSA compliant, driver applications delivered to you. See how to hire drivers with Safety as a Service.

Here's How We Can Help

Sign into your account. Look for the Driver Recruiting tab.


Collect Applications on Your Website

The link is customized to your company. No one else will see your applications. Post the link on your website, business cards, or craigslist. Spread the link around. You'll atract more drivers.


Applications In Your Inbox

You'll receive an email notification after a driver submits an application. Sign into your account to see who it's from.


Everyone Likes to be Invited

It's a fact. Companies that use the invite system hire more drivers. We'll only present the ones that match your job. You're more likely to receive applications from people that meet your basic criteria.


Let's See Who's Waiting For Your Call

You invited them and they responded with a click. Check your portal and give them a call.


Time to Start the Process

Click Applications and get busy.

  • Quickly sort through the applications you collected overnight.
  • Assign the driver to a staff member or work it yourself.
  • That's a lot of apps. Make notes as you go.
  • Got one done? Interviewed and road tested? Click Hire this Driver and get busy onboarding.

Finding, interviewing and road testing a driver is only the beginning. You have more paperwork and training to do. Don't worry. We'll help. Click the blue button below and we'll hire this driver.


Advertise, Invite and Receive Applications

  • Drivers Wanted: A platform to advertise current job openings. You'll attract the right candidate when you post a driving job on Gary's Job Board.
  • Driver Sourcing: get matched up with qualified drivers who are looking for a job.
  • Applicant Tracking System: keep track of digital applications in one place, and keep up with each driver’s or applicant’s drug test results and accident history without having to wade through stacks of paper files.
  • Recruiting is a team effort: share important information with the appropriate team members simply by creating personal login credentials. Safe, secure, organized, and fast, you have everything you need at your fingertips.
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