Safety as a Service


Does Your Fleet Make these Training Mistakes?

Traditional training is hard to implement because you have drivers scattered all over the place. Maybe, you can get most of them into the office on a Saturday, feed them donuts and put on a video.

Make sure they sign the attendance sheet if you pull it off. Documentation is king. You'll want proof that you provided some training last year. Hopefully, your driver (that just had an accident) made it to your Saturday meeting and signed the sheet.

Attendance Based Safety Meetings are the Minimum.

Atleast do that much! You need to provide training to your drivers. You need to document it. It's so important that I'll say it twice. Document everything you do. You never know what will happen.

Saturdays, Donuts and Videos will CYA.

But that type of training is not effective. Driver's need ongoing safe driving reminders.

“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” Samuel Johnson

Train Your Drivers While they're Loading

Short, frequent training keeps the ideas buried in the subconscious. Remind them of the proper driving techniques and they'll remember the methods when the excrement hits the fan. Our training library is full of 100+ courses that are short and to the point. Most courses are 5-10 minutes long. Your driver can watch the course on a phone. You can see the results on your desktop.

Driver Training Prevents Accidents: Our Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy to provide it.

Documented training with our Learning Management System (LMS) will help future lawsuits. My rant against truck accident attorneys will let you know how we feel about those guys.

"Since starting with Safety as a Service we have reduced the time employees spend in classroom settings completing orientation, remedial, and annual training requirements faster. We have found the course-content formatted in clear concise manner and user friendly."

I recommend Safety as a Service to anyone searching for comprehensive web based training.

Tim Long - Director of Safety, Epes Transport System

But, it's usually really expensive. Safety as a Service was created by reasonable people. We priced the system to help the companies that fall into the 99%. Our training system is exceptional. No shortcuts there. We'll put our training and tracking system up against anyone's.

Who are we?

We're professional truckers, trainers and geeks. Everyone single one of us can drive a tractor trailer, teach someone else how to drive one and operate the heck out of a computer. We're CDL College. We created the system for companies with 1-100 trucks. The big guys can use it. But, we made it for the little guy. The little guy needs online training with easy delivery and tracking just like FedEx does.

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