Online Driver Safety Training and Online Driver Management

Online safety training can be delivered anytime, anywhere.

Training Drivers

Traditional classroom training is difficult when your drivers are scattered across many states.

You can schedule a Saturday morning safety meeting, but you’ll have to throw in a donut bribe and an attendance sheet (proof of compliance, so ensure everyone signs it). Ever wondered how much those safety meetings are costing you?

Driver’s need ongoing, safe-driving reminders. You need a convenient way to deliver those reminders.

Train Drivers While They’re Loading

• Record your safety meeting on a smartphone and upload it to the SaaS Training Course Library as a custom course.

• Assign the course to your drivers via email and suggest they watch it at their next pick up or drop off.

• You can monitor how long each driver spends watching the video (no cheating).

• New safety meeting attendance rate: 100%! No waivers, no excuses.

Our Training Course Library contains over 100 driver safety courses. Most are 5-10 minutes long. Drivers watch courses on their phone, you view the results on your desktop (or smartphone).

Documented training comes in handy should the lawyers ever come knocking.

New! Online Driver Orientation

You can now deliver new driver orientation anytime, and from any location. Onboard new hires faster. Ask us how.

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