Online Driver Safety Training and Online Driver Management

Did one of your drivers just have an accident or receive a speeding ticket?

Documenting Drivers

Lawyers, insurance providers, and the courts will expect documented driver training following an incident or accident. No problem:

• Access the driver file.
• Record the incident in the Accident Registry.
• Assign the driver a relevant safety course from the online training library. You can track the driver’s progress through the course.
• When finished, add a Completion Certificate to the driver file.
• Now you’re compliant.

Driver Compliance

The most important aspect of driver safety is ensuring your drivers are complying with regulations. Compliance is cake with SaaS:

• Track your drivers’ course scores and completion of training courses.
• Easy-to-access drug tests, current driver files, and driver employment applications–old and new.
• An accident registry to log all accidents and incidents.

Document Everything

If you’re still documenting your drivers on paper and storing their information in file cabinets, consider a better system.

Converting your paper DQF documents to electronic driver files yields the following benefits:

• Instant retrieval of employment applications, drug tests, DOT medical cards, accident history–every DQF document for all of your drivers.
• Support Staff Access: your staff can access and update driver files, too. Access can be granted to any or all support staff.
• Smooth Audits: company audits are a breeze when all of your driver files and accident history pop up on one screen. Trust us, we’ve been audited.

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