Safety as a Service


Did one of your drivers just have an accident or receive a speeding ticket?

You’ll need an electronic paper trail for the lawyers, insurance folks, and courts. Piece o’cake: access the driver file , record the incident in the Accident Registry, and then assign the driver the relevant safety course from our online library. Once completed, you can add a Completion Certificate to ther driver file. Now you’re compliant.

An important aspect of driver safety is making sure your drivers are complying with the training and the regulations.

Our tools make it easy to comply:

  • Tracking your drivers’ scores and completion of training courses.
  • Easy-to-access records for drug tests, current driver files, and pending driver applications
  • An accident registry to keep up with all accidents and incidents that occur

"It is the responsibility of motor carriers and drivers to know and comply with all applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations."


Now what? Document everything

If you’re still documenting your drivers on paper and storing their information in file cabinets, your efficiency is compromised. It’s time for a better system.

Converting your paper driver files to electronic driver files yields the following benefits:

  • Instant Driver File Retrieval of employment applications, drug tests, DOT medical cards, accident history--every DQF document for all of your drivers!
  • Support Staff Access: your staff can also access driver files instead of bothering you for that information. Access may be granted to any or all support staff.
  • Smoother Audits: company audits are a breeze when all of your driver files pop up on one screen. Sifting through manilla folders searching for the correct files is 20th century nonsense.
  • Increase Your Square Footage: after eliminating your file cabinets, you can fill that space with indoor plants, an expanded coffee bar, or a retro Smokey and the Bandit pinball machine.

Your annual, subscription includes UNLIMITED quantities of:

  • Job Advertisments: Post your commercial driving jobs to our advertising netowrk.
  • Cloud Recruiting: Search our driver database after posting your jobs. See you how many drivers match your job
  • Invite all matching drivers to apply.
  • Electronic Applications: The driver will push his fully, compliant application to your portal.
  • Applicant Tracking System: Review the driver's app and annontate it.
  • Hire Applicants: Hiring a driver requires one click of your mouse.
  • Document your driver: Enter your new driver's vitals, upload the hard copies and you have the makings of a Driver Qualification File.
  • Train your driver: Assign the new driver orientaton classes and set up their recurring training.
  • Now you're compliant
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Customer Comments

Dennis Atencio - Director of Safety
Apex Transportation

Bob Bowman - Director, Safety & H.R.
Alpine Lumber Company

Tim Long - Director of Safety
Epes Transport System