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Tom Martin, who drives for ABF, recently proved that having a high safety record could lead to recognition, as he was given the Driver of the Year Award by the Wyoming Trucking Association (WTA).

The trucking industry is continuing to change, and freight manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand of the industry.

ATA tonnage index drops in April

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Although the economy continues to improve, some people may be concerned to hear that trucking tonnage actually dropped last month. However, analysts are suggesting that this is actually no cause for concern.

Although gas prices have had everyone avoiding the pump over the past few months, the cost of diesel continues to drop.

The trucking industry has been growing significantly in the past few months, particularly because the beginning of the year brought about an increase in the economy, giving suppliers a much-needed boost.

As the market continues to rebound, more suppliers are using fleet management to transport goods and services.

The relationship between truckers and shippers is a fairly stable one, but the government has been trying to step in and lay some ground rules, which is cause for concern for many people within the trucking sector.

With gas prices going up, many in the trucking industry are concerned by what this could do to overall supply cost.

While the trucking industry is used to produce goods and services between suppliers and consumers, there are other opportunities in which the sector does some good.

Those in the trucking industry may soon be put to the test, as a new system could rank their abilities to safely transport goods.

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