November 2011 News Archive

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Conventions about the nationwide trucking industry can be a fascinating way for new truckers who have recently completed their CDL training to learn about what it takes to be behind the wheel of a big rig.

Since the trucking regulations between the U.S. and Canada have recently changed, Mexican trucking companies are slowly gaining approval to use the cross-border routes for their businesses.

As the debate over nationwide trucking weight limits continues to be a hot topic, some are concerned about the exceptions to the rule that are slipping by the regular limitations.

When fleet management owners have to unexpectedly or quickly re-route their trucks through other states, the paperwork can be daunting and stressful.

Recently, truckers nationwide were encouraged to take a break from being behind the wheel and attending CDL training courses and take pen to paper for the annual Truck Driver Appreciation Contest, sponsored by Driver Solutions and eGears.

Computer technology has evolved drastically in the past few years, which can greatly benefit truckers when it comes to fleet management and logistics.

With some cities in the U.S. recovering from past natural disasters and winter fast approaching, road repairs need to be done quickly and efficiently.

Trucking tonnage rates show no signs of slowing down nationwide, which could mean good things for the success of trucking companies throughout the country.

Truckers who use the highways to get in and out of Staten Island, New York may see an increase in toll fares soon unless advocates against the hikes are successful in stopping it.

Trucking companies across the country are making moves towards fueling their trucks with alternative means of energy.

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