Safety as a Service


Trucking is a tough job. Finding and keeping drivers? Even tougher

You're in charge of the fleet. And like everybody else. Finding drivers is tough. You've contacted recruiting agencies, ran craigslist ads and even called the schools.

You're trying hard to find a driver.

You're hoping for a driver. Hoping that a driver will fall from the clouds and make your deliveries.

You're about to snap.

Then you learn about Safety as a Service. We connect carriers and drivers. Then we tie-in driver files and training.



No more hoping for a driver. You're in there working. You're searching for drivers, inviting drivers, receiving apps from drivers.

You're kickin butt.

You'll find reliable drivers. Drivers who like working for you because you invited them. No more hoping. One more time.

You get to:

  • See the driver's profile.
  • Invite the driver to fill out an Application.
  • Review the driver's application.
  • Clicking “hire” moves them to D.Q.F.
  • Send them onto training.

Amazing! Isn't it?

With Safety as a Service, you'll be able to hire several CDL drivers. Drivers who want to work for your company. See the Driver Recruiting system in action.

Lol, he was great and the first subject to go through our new online Integrity Test too. I have gotten 7 responses for your ad and one more new out of school was offered a position in our Trainee program yesterday. Dennis Atencio - Director of Safety, Apex Transportation

Advertise, Invite and Receive Applications

  • Drivers Wanted: A platform to advertise current job openings. You'll attract the right candidate when you post a driving job on Gary's Job Board.
  • Driver Sourcing: get matched up with qualified drivers who are looking for a job.
  • Applicant Tracking System: keep track of digital applications in one place, and keep up with each driver’s or applicant’s drug test results and accident history without having to wade through stacks of paper files.
  • Recruiting is a team effort: share important information with the appropriate team members simply by creating personal login credentials. Safe, secure, organized, and fast, you have everything you need at your fingertips.
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