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Hazardous Materials Training

Hazmat employers are required to certify the training of employees who perform functions covered in the Hazardous Materials Regulations. The instruction contained in this course will help you meet the training requirements of 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H.

Who needs Haz Mat Training?

1. All employees who handle or ship hazardous material must receive training.
2. All employees that process hazardous materials paperwork.
3. Supervisors of Hazardous Materials employees.

Did you know?

1. A new hazmat employee who changes job functions should take a training program within 90 days.
2. Employees must receive the required training every three years.

Employer Responsibilities for Hazmat Training

This course will cover the eight basic areas of study; General Awareness and Familiarization, Standard Procedures, Driving and Parking Procedures, Hazard Communication Requirements, Hazardous Materials Regulations, Safety Training, Reasons for Safety Communication, and finally, Security and Awareness Training.

Renew Your Recurrent Hazardous Materials Training Certificate

You can renew your Hazardous Material Training by becoming a member of Safety as a Service. The Recurrent Hazardous Materials Training course satisifies the training standards of 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H.

Take this course anywhere, at any time.

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