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LCV Training

Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Training

FMCSA rule number 380 and 391, of 49 CFR, requires drivers of LCVs to have a certificate of training in their driver qualification file. LCV is defined as any combination of a truck-tractor and two or more trailers or semi-trailers, with a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds or more.

This rule is not enforced at the port of entry or by law enforcement. It will only be enforced during a FMCSA Compliance Audit. It is not a licensing issue. The port of entry or state patrol will only check the driver's license for the 'T' (double/triple) endorsement on their CDL.

Who Needs LCV Training

Drivers of Turn Pike Doubles, Rocky Mountain Doubles, or Triples that exceed 80,000 pounds.


Who Does Not Need LCV Training

Drivers of two 28' pup trailers that do not exceed 80,000 pounds. Drivers of Turn Pike Doubles, Rocky Mountain Doubles, or Triples that do not exceed 80,000 pounds.


Did you know?

As of June 1, 2004, training is required for all LCV Drivers. The Grand Fathering option expired June 1, 2005!

The rule should have been titled "Doubles or Triples that exceed 80,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight." The length of the vehicle alone does not mandate training. Over length in combination with over weight vehicles are the only ones covered by 49 CFR parts 380 and 391. See part 380 definitions.

Employer Responsibilities for Training LCV Drivers

No Motor Carrier Shall

  • Allow, require, permit or authorize an individual to operate an LCV unless the driver meets the training requirements and has been issued the LCV driver-training certificate.
  • Allow, require, permit or authorize an individual to operate an LCV which the driver LCV driver-training certificate, CDL and CDL endorsement (s) do not authorize the driver to operate.

A motor carrier that employs or has under contract LCV drivers shall provide evidence of the certifications required by sec. 380.401 or 380.111 of 49 CFR, when requested by an authorized FMCSA, State, or local official in the course of a compliance review.

Train your own drivers or we can come to you!

If you want to train your drivers on your own then this online training system will help you acheive that goal. Or, we can come to you! We are a state of Colorado approved school and have qualified instructors to certify your drivers.
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LCV Training Package Includes:

  • Instant Access to the LCV Training Courses as well as Full Access to our Entire Training Library(Over 50 Courses).
  • Yearly or Monthly Subscriptions Available
  • Train all of your employees at your location
  • Extra Power Point Presentation - see notes below
  • Driver- Instructor Workbook
  • Skills Tests
  • Knowledge Tests
  • Application for Training
  • Completion Certificates

The power point presentation can be used two ways. One for a traditional power point lecture or for the drivers to read and self teach.

The self teaching option allows you to train one driver at a time. Keep new hires compliant.


Want to learn more? See How It Works or read the FAQ.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety: FMCSA regulation 49 cfr part 380