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Truck drivers in Illinois are breathing a little easier after the state government signed new legislation that will positively benefit those in the trucking industry.

After further investigation of an accident in 2009 involving a big rig, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued further precautionary warnings to truckers who handle large vehicles loaded with hazardous materials.

Modern technology is allowing fleet management owners to operate their businesses more efficiently.

The cost of fuel is often the biggest expense for many fleet management owners and their businesses.

Some fleet management owners in the trucking industry do what they can to help out those in need in their surrounding communities.

Owners of trucking companies and their drivers often give back to their communities through donating to various organizations that take care of those in need.

Texas is a large state where truckers often pass through to haul freight throughout the western part of the country.

North Dakota is making improvements to their highway conditions to ensure trucking safety in one of the busiest areas for big rigs, reports the Oil and Gas Journal.

Recently, the trucking industry caught a break from the Obama administration through a new release of 60 million oil drums to help balance out the current demands for fuel in the freight hauling business.

On-going dialogue among drivers and fleet management owners provides a great outlet for exploring new ideas and improvements in the trucking industry.

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