Trucking Laws and Legislation

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While the new rulings on the allowed trucking hours will alter the way many drivers will be operating, those who navigate big rigs are not the only ones to be affected by the law changes.

The new rules for trucking hour limits were officially released recently, which may change the way some drivers adhere to their truck driving safety laws and guidelines in the future.

Toll hikes throughout the country can greatly affect the livelihood of truckers, no matter where they work.

There has been some recent controversy surrounding the trucking ports in Oakland, California, in terms of the conditions that some drivers have to work under while navigating nearby roadways.

Truckers and industry organizations are doing what they can to have their voices heard in Washington when bills are being passed that will directly affect their livelihood.

Although many truckers feel that they are maintaining top safety levels on the road, some advocates for stricter highway laws are saying regulations need to be more effective.

Both Democrats and Republicans recently came together on a proposed bill that will benefit truckers and all motorists who use the nation's highways.

Although there are many CDL training and safety schools that are perfectly credible, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) advises that truckers and owner-operators double-check the programs' reputations so they do not get short-changed.

After all the discussions and debates that have occurred over cellphone use by commercial truckers, a final ruling has been made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

In Massachusetts, there has been ongoing discussions about the state of their commercial truck driver shortage.

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