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Government safety officials have recently been taking a closer look at their figures when it comes to dangerous driving habits among their commercial truck drivers, in hopes of improving the situation.

There is a new hero in the trucking industry who helped save the life of a 4-year-old boy.

Truck drivers know that the holiday season brings feelings of good cheer and camaraderie among those in the industry, but not all are fortunate enough to have a bountiful season.

Recently, many professionals in the trucking industry have focused on finding various ways to improve trucker health.

How the trucking industry is fairing often sends signs to officials about the overall state of the economy.

Trucking companies have something to celebrate this quarter.

In order to maintain the highest level of truck driving safety, the number of hours truckers are permitted to be on the road has been a hot debate as of late.

Across the country, many trucking companies have been alerted of the new alternative means of fueling their fleets, which some have been researching as a way to make their businesses more environmentally friendly.

Big rig drivers help find missing persons

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Truckers who spent most of their careers on the road have the unique ability to monitor what happens on highways, which can allow them to report mishaps or problems that other officials might miss.

Sometimes mishaps can happen while on the road even if a trucker has undergone recurrent hazmat training.

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