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CSA 2010 - which was implemented last month - includes several new mandates for safety directors and their fleets.

Truck drivers spend the majority of their time in and around large vehicles, which may emit hazardous fumes and exhaust.

Although truck driving is a fairly autonomous jobs, many professionals in this field have others - such as their friends and families - on their mind when they are on the road.

Industry analysts are expecting an uptick in business across the transportation field for the beginning of 2011, Fleet Owner reports.

Commercial vehicle operators who are unfamiliar with their routes may be putting themselves - as well as others on the road - at risk.

Due to the economic downturn, the truck transportation field has slowed greatly over the past few years.

n the wake of the implementation of CSA 2010, many legislators and members of the trucking industry are placing an increased emphasis on driver safety.

For many commercial vehicle operators, the open road can become a quiet, lonely place.

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