Truck Rental App
for Android powered mobile devices.

Truck Rental App is THE way to keep track of rentals.

Now you can send your truck rental information right to your inbox instantly with our new Truck Rental App.

How it works

  1. You or your drivers use their Google Android powered mobile device to enter the appropriate data about a truck/trailer rental.
  2. The information is emailed to the email/s of your choosing. Just separate the emails by a comma for multiple emails.
  3. Keep track of the data that was sent to your email by entering it into a spreadsheet and/or keep it in an email folder for when you need it.
  4. Save an electronic copy, in your email, for as long as you like.

With this app you can stay more organized as well as eliminate the need for paper. A simple app for any Android powered mobile device that eliminates the need for the slow and hard to deal with means of keeping track of your rentals and leases.

With Truck Rental App you have increased performance and data integrity. Enjoy

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