Does Your Fleet H.R. Keep you Awake at Night?

They're responsible for hiring, training and documenting everything. It's a big job. Each piece is vital to your business. You don't need me to explain how vital. But, I have been in your shoes. You have so many pressing issues when managing a fleet that the fine details of H.R. are all too easy to skip. But, they're so important to your future success.

You don't need to skip the fine details anymore.

We created the Driver Management System to streamline the H.R. process of your fleet. So you can get back to managing it.

What is Safety as a Service?

It's a cloud-based Driver Management System used by transportation companies to manage the complexities of finding, hiring, documenting and providing safety training to commercial drivers. Learn more about Safety as a Service

Train Drivers

With access to a Training Library, of 100+ mobile friendly courses you can train your drivers while they’re waiting to be loaded. Most courses are 2-10 minutes long. Short and sweet. Recalling your drivers to their home terminal is no longer necessary when you have web-based training. Our Course Library continues to grow because we’re never satisfied. Learn more about the driver training system.

Find Drivers

Still waiting for drivers to find you? So is your competition. We’ve assembled a large pool of experienced and newbie drivers (sorted by city and state) that you can invite to join your organization. Each invite requires a mouse click (sorry). Your employment invitation lands in the drivers’ email, which is safer than calling their cell phone all day. Learn more about marketing open driving jobs.

Hire Drivers

Paper employment applications? They either have to be mailed in, or the driver has to complete them in person. Inconvenient. Receive electronic applications any time of day. Learn more about hiring drivers

Document Drivers

Did one of your drivers just have an accident or receive a speeding ticket? You’ll need an electronic paper trail for the lawyers, insurance folks, and courts. Piece o’ cake: access the driver file, record the incident in the Accident Registry, and then assign the driver the relevant safety course from our online library. Once completed, you can add a Completion Certificate to ther driver file. Now you’re compliant. Learn more about documenting drivers.

An annual subscription includes UNLIMITED quantities of:

Customer Comments

"Lol, he was great and the first subject to go through our new online Integrity Test too. I have gotten 7 responses for your ad and one more new out of school was offered a position in our Trainee program yesterday. But in the ad Walt got a kick out of how you put Mickeys in it . . .

Dennis Atencio - Director of Safety
Apex Transportation

"I was pleased to find an on-line driver training program that was cost-effective, comprehensive, and easy to set-up and administer.

Our drivers have told me that the information presented and the quiz-style format makes taking the courses interesting and engaging."

Bob Bowman - Director, Safety and H.R.
Alpine Lumber Company

"Since starting with Safety as a Service we have reduced the time employees spend in classroom settings completing orientation, remedial, and annual training requirements faster. We have found the course-content formatted in clear concise manner and user friendly.

I recommend Safety as a Service to anyone searching for comprehensive web based training."

Tim Long - Director of Safety
Epes Transport System

Safety as a Service

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